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Concave Football Boot Review – for Australian Rules Football

There has been plenty of hype around this new concept of football boot – Concave. Many are divided about its effectiveness, whilst others are tending to back their ‘traditional boot’. I’m always prepared to try new things, anything that could improve your game even 1-2% is worth its weight in gold. With this mentality, I was given a pair of Concave football boots to try and provide feedback as the concept is a continual development.

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family golf

Golf: The New Family Sport

Golf is an intimidating game for any age. It doesn’t matter if you are a man, woman, young, or old, thinking about trying to put their little ball in the cup 400 yards away can cause a lot of nervousness. Golf’s overall popularity has been declining in the last decade. There are multiple reasons why this is true, but there’s one segment of the population which is continuously being introduced to this glorious game on an increasing basis. Want to know what segment of the population this is? It’s children.

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cycling for a cause

Cycling For A Cause: Helping Society Move Forward

Cycling has come a long way from 1817 when Carl von Drais, a German Baron, introduced the velocipede. This “running machine” is basically “two wagon wheels connected by a wooden plank with a rudimentary device used for steering the front wheel”. It allowed people to run while perched on the machine. Riders were able to coast occasionally and increased their range and speed. This bicycle prototype was introduced during the time when physical exertion was seen as something de rigueur only for the lower classes.

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Winning With Swimsuit Technology

Choosing a swimsuit for your holiday can be a difficult decision but at least you don’t have to concern yourself with technology. Most people are looking for a swimsuit that flatters them and suits their personal style but for athletes it is the technology that counts. Will their suit propel them to faster times in the pool or leave them in the wake of another competitor? Swim wear for elite athletes has developed over the course of a century but has recently reached the point where the governing bodies are saying enough is enough and that a race should be about the merits of the athlete and not what they are wearing. So what developments have been made and will new regulations halt them in their tracks?

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My Gym is Bigger than your Gym!

Have you ever been to one of those big commercial gyms that looks like an Airplane hanger? Cardio equipment and resistance machines as far as the eye can see.  So much equipment that you need a map to find your way from one machine to another.

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Gym Etiquette

There’s no doubt that in every gym, fitness or health centre there is a certain culture or gym etiquette that dictates the type of member that decides to  join (and stay), the clothing worn, motivation, attitudes and values. I personally attend a ‘community’ gym from the YMCA. You therefore get a wide variety of people come through the door from all walks of life. It is very much ‘family orientated’ and the equipment is not say specific to weight loss or bodybuilding.
Contrary to this, I recently attended another gym in the local area for a Fitness Talk workshop. The difference in the culture of that gym and the etiquette is huge in comparison to my current gym. This particular gym is evidently focused on bodybuilding and mass weight gain; it can be seen visually through the décor of facility. It was very ‘grungy’ in a way, the walls were concreted with a ripple effect, the equipment was not flashy but everything looked larger than life in a sense. There was no area for cardio, there were mirrors around almost every inch of the circumference of the gym on the walls and it is clear it tries to resemble a very ‘warehouse’ feel.
The reason I am telling you about the difference between the two gyms I have mentioned is to give you an idea about how the etiquette in a gym changes based on the culture and demographic of those that attend.

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what to look for in a gym

What To Look For In a Gym

Find your Dream Gym

How many people waste hundreds of dollars each month on gym memberships they hardly ever use? And how can you avoid becoming one of them? Well, for starters you can do everything in your power to find the perfect gym for you. When you love your gym, finding the time and self-discipline needed to actually go there and work out gets whole lot easier!

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High Altitude Training Mask 2.0 for Sport

In recent years we have seen AFL clubs such as Collingwood take to the mountains to train in ‘high altitude’ environments. Firstly, we need to understand why athletes opt for this form of training and the benefits of high altitude training for athletes and the transfer to their chosen sport.

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The Fitness Talk Story

On May 11th 2012, the domain name was purchased. 2 Months and 27 Days later today on August 7th we have officially launched the website; Fitness Talk.

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10 Ways to Market Your Personal Training Business!

We all want more clients, let’s be realistic. The more clients you take on, the more money you’re making! It’s that simple, isn’t it? You have to be sure that you can handle more clients however and that your resources (including yourself) aren’t being stretched to accommodate the increase. In saying that, many personal trainers aren’t very good at self-promotion. Which essentially if it’s just you in your business that’s what you are doing, selling you! You are everything about your business, you stand as a representation of everything about it!

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