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affirmation writing for success

Affirmation Writing for Success (Part 1/2)

Affirmation Writing for Success

(Part one)

The affirmation process is a style of goal setting that increases your chances of bringing about the desired results or changes you want. The goal, for example is to be more effective under pressure and an affirmation is how that goal is written out so that it makes a take on the sub conscious and thereby becomes a part of our self image.

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The Ant Farm Of The NBA

Winning teams are born from winning cultures. It starts at the very top with ownership and executive management and goes all the way down to the unpaid interns. This is true even in the NBA, where everyone knows their role and, executes and repeats.

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Body Mass Index

Can BMI Calculators Be Trusted?

One of the ways that people like to gauge whether or not they are overweight is by figuring out their BMI. This stands for ‘body mass index’ and it is a calculation based on a person’s height and weight. However, can BMI calculators be trusted?

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running woman

Fitness is Ageless with Benefits that are Timeless

Being fit neither has a minimum nor maximum age limit. No one can start too young or stop too old in practicing sound exercise habits, eating well, taking up physical challenges such as running a marathon, or just living a well-balanced life. As easy as it sounds, living a fit life proves to be very difficult for many people especially to those who are still adjusting their old health-compromising lifestyles.

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High Altitude Training Mask 2.0 for Sport

In recent years we have seen AFL clubs such as Collingwood take to the mountains to train in ‘high altitude’ environments. Firstly, we need to understand why athletes opt for this form of training and the benefits of high altitude training for athletes and the transfer to their chosen sport.

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Understanding Fitness Jargon

The purpose of this post is to educate our new members about key terms and jargon that they are likely to frequently hear around the Fitness Talk website! There is a lot of jargon that goes around the fitness world and here we aim to nut it out for you!
I know how daunting it can be hearing all these big fitness-related words when you’re just first beginning, but you can pick it up very quickly! Here goes;

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My Fitness Story

I was always an over-weight child with my family just assuming that I would lose my weight once hitting puberty, however puberty came and more weight was gained.

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Deciphering a Program: Part 3

This is the final instalment of the ‘Deciphering a Program’ series!

So now it is time to cover a few advanced set systems. I will be discussing the relationships between sets and  reps when relative to training methods and also to learn how to find the goal of a training program.

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Lady Iron 19

Deciphering a Program: Part 2

Onto part two of the ‘Deciphering a Program’ series, it’s only a short article however this post aims to give you the rundown on what a set system is and some examples and uses for basic set systems, let’s get started!

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Deciphering a Program: Part 1

The fitness industry is constantly growing, and with all the programs and layouts and designs floating around I thought it might be a good idea to make a small guide on how to actually read, understand and interpret the programs you find or are given.
These first 2 paragraphs will talk about the industry so feel free to skip them.

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