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Temperature Therapy – Hot And Cold: Do You Know When And How To Use Them?

Many of us have heard of hot and cold compress. Doctors recommend them to help in certain conditions which require some sort of pain management. The question, however, is do we know when to use hot compress and when to use cold compress?

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Top 5 Triathlon Travel Destinations

If you love triathlons and traveling, you are in luck! Several amazing travel destinations boast some of the most popular triathlon races in the world. Now, you can combine your hobby and a little R&R into the same vacation plans.

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cycling for a cause

Cycling For A Cause: Helping Society Move Forward

Cycling has come a long way from 1817 when Carl von Drais, a German Baron, introduced the velocipede. This “running machine” is basically “two wagon wheels connected by a wooden plank with a rudimentary device used for steering the front wheel”. It allowed people to run while perched on the machine. Riders were able to coast occasionally and increased their range and speed. This bicycle prototype was introduced during the time when physical exertion was seen as something de rigueur only for the lower classes.

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Winning With Swimsuit Technology

Choosing a swimsuit for your holiday can be a difficult decision but at least you don’t have to concern yourself with technology. Most people are looking for a swimsuit that flatters them and suits their personal style but for athletes it is the technology that counts. Will their suit propel them to faster times in the pool or leave them in the wake of another competitor? Swim wear for elite athletes has developed over the course of a century but has recently reached the point where the governing bodies are saying enough is enough and that a race should be about the merits of the athlete and not what they are wearing. So what developments have been made and will new regulations halt them in their tracks?

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why you should cycle for fitness

If You Want To Get Ahead, Get A Bike

I was once shamed into admitting that at the age of 22 I didn’t know how to ride a bike. We had gone on a work trip and some genius had decided to hire bikes for all of us. As everyone rode into the sunset singing jaunty songs and looking cool I was left standing beside my bicycle wondering how I was going to get out of this situation with my dignity intact.

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training hard

How To Know If You’re Training Hard Enough…

If you could rate your training intensity on a scale of 1 to 10, where would it lie? I mean really think about it for a moment and be honest.

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Being a Good and Safe Sport

Did you make a resolution to get in better shape this year?  Maybe you’re already an active person and you are getting back out there after a holiday break.  Good for you either way, especially if you can stick to your guns and keep a fit lifestyle.  A great way to stay in shape is to have friends that you stay in shape with.  People that enjoy long term success with fitness goals are ones who have other people around to encourage them to keep going.  A great way to do this is to get a group of friends to regularly play some kind of sport.

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women's weight training

Women’s Weight Training – The Unnecessary Stigma

Many women stay away from the weights section of the gym, because of the misconception that using weights to train will make them ‘ bulk up’ or get ‘ chunky’.

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inspirational exercise tips

4 Best Inspirational Exercise Tips

Whether you just are beginning with exercise or have been doing it since a few months, there might come a time when you will feel giving up. At such time, you start doubting yourself especially when you look at the scale and speculate as why the scale does not move faster! You certainly ought to dig in deep here to keep moving.

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space saving gym equipment

Three Space-Saving Bits of Home Gym Equipment

An expensive gym membership is not essential if you want to lose weight, stay fit and look great; a home gym can be a great investment for those seeking to make a real difference in their life without affecting their bank balance too much!

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