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health and fitness journey

Health and Fitness Journey – 2013

How many of you have had your new years resolution of becoming ‘fit and healthy’ for the past 2 , 4, 6 or even 10 years?

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changes you can make to help lose weight

Little Changes You Can Make to Help Lose Weight

Losing weight can seem as challenging as climbing Mount Everest. Challenging, especially if you have tried before without accomplishment or lasting effects.  However, if you change your outlook and a few lifestyle habits, you can certainly tackle this task faster and easier than you thought.

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3 natural ways to lose weight

3 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally (And Easily)

When it comes summer time, after the long frost of winter has come and gone, everyone starts a rush to try and lose all of the weight they inadvertently put on during the holidays. But many will wonder about ways to lose weight naturally. 

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Five Foods to Make You Look and Feel Great

In a world that has increasing issues with overweight individuals and obesity, many people are looking to move in the opposite direction. Instead of eating fried foods and greasy meals, they want to indulge in foods that make them look and feel like a superstar. What are some of the options in which you can partake?

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get in shape for summer

Getting in Shape for Summer: Fitness, Diet and Lifestyle Advice to Help You Start Right

Many of us lead a more sedentary lifestyle during the cooler months, leading to a sluggish metabolism and acquisition of unwanted kilos. Get your health on track before summer hits and you’ll enjoy the benefits of not only weight loss, but a boost in confidence and energy levels.

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Woman running

20 Fun Fitness Facts for 2013

There are so many fun fitness facts out there that just aren’t true! ..or mostly not true. We’ve compiled a list of what we think is the best, most interesting, fun and brow raising fitness and exercise facts out there! We hope that you enjoy our list! If you have any you would like to add, please use the comments below!

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maintain healthy weight this christmas

2 Easy Tips to Maintain a Healthy Weight During Christmas!

For many of those who are watching their weight closely, Christmas can be a very challenging season. Parties and gatherings are a plenty and it always follows that on these occasions, one thing makes the centre stage – food! Food is practically the centre of attraction and it is everywhere. It is not just the ordinary food served daily in homes, it’s a feast! A feast of delicious foods laden with too much sugar and fats: cakes and pastries with icings and frostings, different types of ham or cured and processed meat, red meat with gravy, deep fried chicken, etc.

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An Introduction To Four Key Sports Massage Techniques

Why is it important for the therapist to use the right massage techniques?

There are many benefits to this hugely popular sports treatment. Those that follow a strict exercise programme and work out regularly will find that regular sports massages will prevent injuries, keep their joints supple and flexible and improve the tone and condition of their muscles, therefore helping them maintain high performance levels during training. Though many of the patients at our clinic prefer to receive a full-body treatment, the massage can focus solely on the areas that are under the most stress, such as the shoulders, back, arms or legs.

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how to lose weight on a gluten free diet

How To Lose Weight On A Gluten Free Diet

You can’t enter a grocery store nowadays without finding gluten-free foods on the shelves. However, as little as ten years ago hardly anyone thought about gluten unless they had been diagnosed with celiac disease, and even then there were not nearly as many gluten-free alternatives to shop for. Nowadays, many people have decided to give up gluten in the hopes of losing a few pounds but is there any truth to their claims that they are in fact losing weight?

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the importance of core strength

The Importance of Core Strength

When most people hear the term ‘core strength’, they undoubtedly think of the same thing; six-pack abs. And while six-pack abs are a part of a strong core, they are not the entire picture, and nor does having only six-pack abs mean that you necessarily possess a strong core.

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