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Concave Football Boot Review – for Australian Rules Football

There has been plenty of hype around this new concept of football boot – Concave. Many are divided about its effectiveness, whilst others are tending to back their ‘traditional boot’. I’m always prepared to try new things, anything that could improve your game even 1-2% is worth its weight in gold. With this mentality, I was given a pair of Concave football boots to try and provide feedback as the concept is a continual development.

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a day in the life of a professional cyclist

A Day in the Life of a Professional Cyclist

Ever wondered what it would be like to turn your passion for riding into a profession? With one of the longest seasons of any sport, and such gruelling mental and physical requirements for every race, you can assume it isn’t an easy profession to attain or maintain. This article covers some of the main aspects that go into the daily life of a professional cyclist, and will most likely give you a new found respect for your favourite rider!

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family golf

Golf: The New Family Sport

Golf is an intimidating game for any age. It doesn’t matter if you are a man, woman, young, or old, thinking about trying to put their little ball in the cup 400 yards away can cause a lot of nervousness. Golf’s overall popularity has been declining in the last decade. There are multiple reasons why this is true, but there’s one segment of the population which is continuously being introduced to this glorious game on an increasing basis. Want to know what segment of the population this is? It’s children.

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essendon drug scandal

Essendon Drug Scandal – Performance-Enhancing Drugs

It has been a massive 48 hours for the Essendon Football Club in the AFL. Essendon held a press conference on Tuesday the 5th of Feb regarding an incident that occurred during the 2012 season in regards to ‘potentially’ performance-enhancing drugs.

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the best sports to play for weight loss

The Best Sports to Play to Lose Weight

Losing weight can be very difficult for many people, and it usually entails restricting your dietary choices as well as participating in boring activities, such as weight lifting and hard-to-follow aerobic routines. As a result, as people try to lose weight, they find it difficult to choose, and stick with, an effective routine that involves burning fat and replacing it with muscles that are toned and lean.

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should female tennis players be paid the same as males

Should Female Tennis Players Be Paid The Same As Men?

It’s a controversial question that many have been discussing and debating over the years. Should female tennis players be paid the same as male tennis players? There are many arguments for and against and this article and I will try to give you the facts from both sides.. and then my 2 cents.

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biggest sporting events of 2013

Biggest Sporting Events Of 2013

Although we have another year to wait before the most famous global sporting event, the football World Cup, which takes place in Brazil in 2014, there are nevertheless plenty of exciting events taking place across the world in the coming year. In the UK alone there is the British Grand Prix, Wimbledon, Royal Ascot and much more to look forward to, and for those who fancy travelling further afield there is an extensive calendar of events taking place worldwide.

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The Ant Farm Of The NBA

Winning teams are born from winning cultures. It starts at the very top with ownership and executive management and goes all the way down to the unpaid interns. This is true even in the NBA, where everyone knows their role and, executes and repeats.

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most common soccer injuries

Most Common Soccer Injuries

The game of football or soccer is the most played sport in the entire world. Almost every country has a national team and there must be very few people globally who don’t know the game. Part of the appeal is the ease with which the game can be adapted to be played almost anywhere, from professional stadiums to street corners and everywhere in between. As with any physical activity there are risks involved. According to statistics an adult who plays 1000 hours of soccer can expect to sustain between 9 and 35 injuries within that time frame. The figures are lower for adolescents as they tend to be more supple and young bodies repair damage faster.

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Training Guide For A 100 Mile Cycling Event (Century Ride)

A 100-mile bike ride or century ride is one of the most interesting and enjoyable cycling events today. However, it can be very challenging and tiresome for cyclists who are less prepared. This means that for you to complete a 100-mile bike ride successfully, you not only need to train your body adequately to handle the vigorous physical demands of cycling, but you also need to be prepared mentally and pay special attention to your diet and riding equipment. The following smart training tips are meant to guide you on how to train properly for a 100-mile cycling:

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