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Activity Modification After Injury – Still Compete in the Sport You Love!

After years of sprinting, touch football, ballet and netball as a girl and sprinting, indoor netball and general fitness training as an adult, it is fair to say that now at 31 my knees have seen better days. After tearing the cartilage in both my knees a year ago doing triple jump, all impact exercise was out of the question for four months while my knees were given a chance to heal.

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An Introduction To Four Key Sports Massage Techniques

Why is it important for the therapist to use the right massage techniques?

There are many benefits to this hugely popular sports treatment. Those that follow a strict exercise programme and work out regularly will find that regular sports massages will prevent injuries, keep their joints supple and flexible and improve the tone and condition of their muscles, therefore helping them maintain high performance levels during training. Though many of the patients at our clinic prefer to receive a full-body treatment, the massage can focus solely on the areas that are under the most stress, such as the shoulders, back, arms or legs.

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mma diet

The Ultimate Fight May Be With Your Diet

Everyone needs a healthy diet, regardless of their profession, but some people need to go that extra mile to achieve perfection. Professional athletes push their bodies to the very limits of physical possibilities and as such, require specific dietary requirements. MMA athletes in particular need to have the correct balance of nutritional intake due to the fierce physical nature of their training regimes and sport.

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alititude mask 2.0

Cycling for Fitness

Cycling is fantastic form of exercise that is low-impact in comparison to running. Running poses much higher impact on our body such as the knees, ankles and hips. However, cycling which is just as beneficial does not to the same extent.

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pulling train

Unconventional Training

Have you ever seen someone repeatedly hitting a car tyre with a sledgehammer?  Does anyone at your local gym grab the two ends of a big rope and frantically wave them up and down?  Has your next door neighbour every tied a rope to the front of their car and pulled it up the driveway?

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Osteitis Pubis

Osteitis Pubis in Football

Being a semi-elite footballer at VFL level means there is a lot to balance between work, football, study and social commitments. It’s not full-time, which means that many players and coaches have massive workloads. It can be hard at times to manage workload when there are so many other things outside of football to consider whether it be study, work, business or relationships.

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High Altitude Training Mask 2.0 for Sport

In recent years we have seen AFL clubs such as Collingwood take to the mountains to train in ‘high altitude’ environments. Firstly, we need to understand why athletes opt for this form of training and the benefits of high altitude training for athletes and the transfer to their chosen sport.

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Fitness Talk with Pro Boxer Joel Brunker

Professional Boxing is considered one of the most physically demanding sports around. Boxers must combine skill and mental focus with exceptional fitness if they want to be successful in the professional ranks.

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Training Variety- The Tabata

In 1996 a Japanese scientist named Izumi Tabata conducted a study comparing moderate intensity training with high intensity training.  Professor Tabata observed the short bursts of high intensity exercise followed by an even shorted rest period used by the Japanese speed skating team.  He compared the efficiency of this style of training compared to steady state cardiovascular training.

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danny williams

Inspiration- When the Desire to Win Overcomes Pain

Unfortunately pain and injury are everyday factors in sports people’s lives.  It doesn’t mater what level you play at, it doesn’t even have to be a contact sport for there to be some risk of injury.

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