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3 weight loss tips

3 Weight Loss Tips That Have Nothing To Do With Diet Or Exercise

When it comes to losing weight, we all know the importance of diet and exercise; they are essentially the cornerstones of successful weight loss, but, our bodies are complex and there is a lot going on inside of us that can influence our battle with the bulge besides our food choices and level of physical activity. By addressing some of these influences, we will be putting our bodies in a state that supports weight loss and we will be able to tackle those two cornerstones with greater ease. When we tend to lots of seemingly little things that influence our weight, it can add up to big changes.

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how to keep the weight off

You’ve Lost The Weight.. Now How Do You Keep It Off?

Getting to that goal weight has to be the best feeling in the world – but gaining the weight back has to be the worst. Don’t let 2013 bring any draw backs to your confidence and self esteem, and keep the weight off for good with these five tips.

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