Concave Football Boot Review – for Australian Rules Football


There has been plenty of hype around this new concept of football boot – Concave. Many are divided about its effectiveness, whilst others are tending to back their ‘traditional boot’. I’m always prepared to try new things, anything that could improve your game even 1-2% is worth its weight in gold. With this mentality, I was given a pair of Concave football boots to try and provide feedback as the concept is a continual development.

16_2_The first thing you will notice about Concave football boots is the distinct ‘padding’ on the top of the shoe where it makes contact with the football. Concave like to refer to this as the ‘sweet spot’. It is a unique design that differs from any other football boot design that I have seen before. Whenever there’s something different in regards to new technology in sport, there will always be people giving their 2 cents, whether it be good or bad. I prefer to try the boot before making any judgements.

My first time wearing the boot in a real training session was a different experience. To be honest, putting the boots on for the first time was a strange feeling, and it does feel different to your average Nike, Adidas or Asics football boot. I then ran out onto the ground to test out these new football boots. I received a few raised eyebrows from some of the other players, but more or less there was a sense of intrigue with these boots on my feet.

As training got underway and the boots were put through their paces I was extremely content. The boots themselves are quite light, like all football boots should be which is a bonus. To be frank, you won’t notice the difference kicking 15-20m to a mate in the warm-up in  stationary position. Once the real training started and I was kicking on the run, kicking on the lead, from different angles, I was very happy with the connection, speed and accuracy of the boot!

After several training sessions using the Concave football boots, I’m extremely content with the effectiveness of the boot.17_2_ Skeptics of the Concave concept should try the boot before jumping to conclusions, it may not be right for everyone, but if you’re like me and wanting to improve your game continually, you’d be silly not to try them.

In fact, Concave football boots underwent a study at Deakin University in Melbourne, which came up with the findings that players wearing Concave football boots had an increase between 8-15% in accuracy and power. Dr. Kevin Netto who lead the study at Deakin University also suggested that wearing Concave boots is actually more effective than taking illegal performance-enhancing peptides which increases performance by 8-10%..

My overall results for the Concave football boot are as follows:

Accuracy:   5/5
Speed:         5/5
Power:        5/5
Comfort:    4/5

Total Result: 19/20

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