If You Want To Get Ahead, Get A Bike

why you should cycle for fitness

I was once shamed into admitting that at the age of 22 I didn’t know how to ride a bike. We had gone on a work trip and some genius had decided to hire bikes for all of us. As everyone rode into the sunset singing jaunty songs and looking cool I was left standing beside my bicycle wondering how I was going to get out of this situation with my dignity intact.

Once they noticed that I was missing they all came riding back to me and I had to admit that I had simply never learned how to ride one of those things. I spent the rest of the day playing crazy golf on my own while the rest of the group explored the island we were on. I made two promises to myself that day. Firstly, that I would never set foot on a crazy golf course again in my life. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, I promised to learn how to ride a bicycle as soon as I could.

It didn’t take me too long to get the hang of it and here are the reasons why I think that everyone else should do it too.

Get Some Leg Pumping Exercise

As I work in front of a computer all day long my stomach has a tendency to grow from one month to the next. This is a common complaint I guess and going to the gym just doesn’t seem like much fun. I have tried a lot of different ways of working out but cycling is the only one which has kept me happy for a long time. I love the burning sensation in my legs as I go up a hill. Actually, I get the burning sensation when I am on level ground as well but I feel as though my fitness levels are definitely rising. It is probably one of the best ways of getting some exercise and feeling good about yourself too.

Enjoy an Absorbing Hobby

This is the first hobby I have had and it is great fun. I have a friend who is a more serious cyclist than I am and we plan our trips together. He has got some sort of program on his phone which we use to plan our routes and to see how we are progressing. I have also started getting into the habit of going to the shops and looking at bicycles and accessories. If you don’t enjoy this hobby already this might sound pretty boring but it is good fun once you get into it. My friend is thinking of going to watch the Tour de France next year but I am not sure that I am yet at the stage of getting pleasure from watching other people ride their bikes.

See the World

I had never realised what a great view of the world cyclists get. I had always assumed that they kept their head down and just watched the tarmac whizz past them for hours at a time. However, it turns out that it is a fantastic way to see the world. We have been to some wonderful spots around the country which I would otherwise never have seen. It is a fine way of getting around and my only word of advice would be to be careful once you are on the road. Another cyclist we know got involved in a nasty accident a few weeks ago and ended up badly hurt. You can obviously claim cycling injury compensation if this happens to you and it isn’t your fault but it is far better to avoid any problems in the first place. Apart from that, you just need to get on your bike and discover how much fun it can be to discover the world on two wheels.

Emily Starr is a cycling enthusiast who knows all about the thrills of riding a bike as well as the importance of being aware of safety advice and the cycling injury compensation process.

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