Improve Your Heart Health With Ubiquinol

improve your heart health with Ubiquinol
Prevent your Health From Failing

As people get older, their health gradually starts to fail. This is just one of the facts of life. One of the main areas in which this failure takes place is in the heart, and one of the reasons that the heart can fail is because it does not have enough energy to do its job. The human heart uses a considerable amount of energy to handle its role properly. CoenzymeQ10 is an enzyme used by the body to produce that energy at the cellular level and is therefore important in maintaining the heart’s proper function. Ubiquinol is the active form of this enzyme. “Active” means that it does not have to be altered by the body to be used. Studies have shown that patients with less Ubiquinol in their blood tend to have worse cases of heart disease than those with higher levels.

The Ubiquinol Statin Cholesterol Connection

Statins are drugs commonly prescribed to those who have high cholesterol as they are very effective at lowering cholesterol levels. Statin side effects include a reduction in levels of CoenzymeQ10, which has negative results for the patient. Studies have shown that the enzyme’s levels can be reduced by between 20 and 40 percent, depending on the particular medication, the dosage and the period over which it is used. Using statins for long periods can cause damage to the nerves and even the breakdown of muscle tissue. The result is that those taking this class of medication often suffer from symptoms that range from fatigue to constant muscle-cramping. Ubiquinol is the active form of CoenzymeQ10; therefore, when used alongside Ubiquinol statin side effects are reduced.

Ubiquinol Supplementation

When it comes to medications that reduce the body’s level of Ubiquinol, statin drugs are not the only offenders. Other medications like those taken to treat acid reflux are known to have the same effect. Compounding the reduction caused by these medications is the fact that while Ubiquinol is produced naturally by the body, its levels will usually start to go down as people get older. The result is that supplementation may still be necessary with or without the use of medications. It is possible to get Ubiquinol from the diet, but the amounts contained in foods are so small that it would be impractical to try to get the enzyme solely from food.

It is important to note that knowledge of Ubiquinol and its benefits are not new, its value as a treatment for liver problems and renal disease has long been known and it has also been used to treat neurological diseases. However, up until recently Ubiquinol was not available in the form of a supplement. Those who deal with low levels of Ubiquinol are now able to boost their levels (and their heart health) by supplementation. In addition to its role of promoting a healthy heart, Ubiquinol also helps to maintain the body’s antioxidant levels, thus protecting it against a host of other health problems. In one study, patients were placed on a daily regimen of 580mg of Ubiquinol, the result was an improvement in their hearts’ ability to move blood as well as an improvement in the health of their left ventricles. The left ventricle is the part of the heart that pushes out blood to the rest of the body. With the help of Ubiquinol, statin drugs are therefore made even more effective at improving the health of people with high cholesterol.

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