Should Female Tennis Players Be Paid The Same As Men?

should female tennis players be paid the same as males

It’s a controversial question that many have been discussing and debating over the years. Should female tennis players be paid the same as male tennis players? There are many arguments for and against and this article and I will try to give you the facts from both sides.. and then my 2 cents.

Reasons for females being paid the same as men:

  • Equality – everyone should be paid the same regardless of gender
  • Women have to train just as hard as the males to perform at their best
  • Women generally are not physically/genetically capable of playing 5 sets
  • Females are not given the opportunity to play 5 sets
  • Athletes should get paid on how many people they entertain, not how many sets they play

Reasons for males being paid more than females:

  • They play more sets – and therefore work harder and longer.
  • Male tennis players are required to be of the highest athletic standard to perform
  • Males attract more of an audience and therefore generate higher revenue from sales which should be proportionate to pay
  • Some argue female tennis players don’t have the same skill sets as males, and is therefore not as exciting to watch

PRIZE Money for Australian Open 2013 Men’s and Women’s Singles

2012 2013
1st Round $20,800 $27,600
2nd Round $33,300 $45,500
3rd Round $54,625 $71,000
4th Round $109,250 $125,000
Quarter finalist $218,500 $250,000
Semi finalist $437,000 $500,000
Runners-up $1,150,000 $1,215,000
Winners $2,300,000 $2,430,000

My 2 Cents

Overall I understand the view points from both sides of the net. Tennis is essentially the only sport in the world which debates about the pay between genders arises. Female golfers, soccer players and athletes generally all get paid far less than men, although they play for as long.
This is because there is a much higher interest in women’s tennis than other sports females feature in. I believe pay should be proportional to the amount of interest in the game. For example, if a male tennis competition secures sales revenue of 15 million dollars, the players should be paid based on these statistics on a dividend basis. Whereas if a female competition can only attract 10 million in sales revenue, so be it, that dividend is then split proportionally based on finishing position in that tournament.

One argument I hear many people make is that any player in the male tournament could beat the winner of the female tournament comfortably. Therefore if the male player gets knocked out first round, they will make $27,600 in the 2013 Australian Open.The winning female pockets $2.43 million dollars,  some would consider this unfair if the male knocked out in the first round could beat the winning female.

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