The Early Bird Gets the Worm: 5 Reasons to Wake Up Earlier

5 reasons to wake up earlier

Stressed? Tired? Sleep deprived? Lacking energy? Feel like you’re wasting your time? While your bed in your home may be comfortable, you need to be regulating your nap time and getting the most out of everyday!

Find out how your life could improve by simply setting the alarm for the wee hours of the morning.

The world is peaking

5am is the best time of day. The sun begins to rise, the grass forms brightly on the suburban grass strips and the air is cool and crisp. Everyone is still asleep and things are quiet and peaceful. In the daily grind that is your life, don’t you crave tranquility? News flash: tranquility was calling your name, you just slept through it. Take the time out to meditate. Even if you don’t like the idea of formally ‘meditating’, put down the smart phone and simply spend some quality time with your conscience. It can be a date!

You’ll be more productive

Ever felt as though there aren’t enough hours in the day? This is because you’ve slept for most of them! Think of everything you can do in a day if you’re starting at 5am. With more time, you’ll be less stressed and more organised. Being less stressed has obvious flow on effects. Perhaps, you’ll find your family or work colleagues more bearable…or more importantly, they will find you more bearable! You can also get exercise out of the way early! Who can be bothered exercising after a hard day at work? If you exercise while your batteries are fully charged, you’ll have a more effective workout and the endorphins will be pumping throughout your entire day. It also gets your metabolism going, ensuring that your tummy is flatter and less bloated.

Live in a scenic country town

If you wake up earlier, living close to work may be less of a priority, meaning you can look for quality family homes in beautiful areas out of the busy city. This will mean a bigger backyard for the kiddies and a more spacious home – plus, it’s easier to wake up when you hear the sound of chirping birds every morning!


More regular sleeping patterns

They say an hour’s sleep before midnight is worth two after midnight, so the earlier you feel ready to go to bed, the more effective and regular your sleep patterns will be. Those who go to bed earlier and sleep effectively are said to be less likely to prematurely age and are less likely to have a sluggish metabolism.

Time for breakfast!

If you’re not rushing to get to work, you will have time to make yourself a proper yummy breakfast and enjoy it slowly. If you are wolfing down the first thing you can find for breakfast, you might not be eating foods that effectively sustain you throughout the day. When eating quickly, this will leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable for the entire day. Make yourself a cup of green tea and drink it slowly to kick-start your metabolism. Then, fix yourself a few poached eggs or Bircher muesli with fruit and enjoy!


How could your life be improved by waking up earlier?

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This article was written in-conjunction with Jordy Zonaras is a freelance who knows all too well that you need to make the most of everyday life. She’s recently started looking at houses for sale in Berwick (click to see her dream community) to escape the busy city life.

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