Training Guide For A 100 Mile Cycling Event (Century Ride)


A 100-mile bike ride or century ride is one of the most interesting and enjoyable cycling events today. However, it can be very challenging and tiresome for cyclists who are less prepared. This means that for you to complete a 100-mile bike ride successfully, you not only need to train your body adequately to handle the vigorous physical demands of cycling, but you also need to be prepared mentally and pay special attention to your diet and riding equipment. The following smart training tips are meant to guide you on how to train properly for a 100-mile cycling:

Tip 1: Take Your Mountain Bike for a Service

Before you even start training for a century ride, you have to make sure that you have a very decent, strong, and reliable mountain bike. Visit the bike experts at your local bike shop and ask them to fit the bike for you. The bike experts will make sure that the handlebars are adjusted at the right position. The seat should also be adjusted at the right height for proper and leg extension. To prevent future knee and leg problems, you can ask the bike experts to adjust the cleats on your cycling shoes.

Tip 2: Come Up With a Training Schedule

The best time to start training is about 3 months early before the actual event. During the training period, make sure that you train at least 4 to 5 times in a week. For comfortable rides, try going for about 30 to 50 miles every training session. As the days or weeks progress, you can increase your training ride and speed for perfection.

Tip 3: Join a Group of Cyclis


Training on your own for a long period of time can be very lonely and challenging, especially if you have to ride for longer miles. Therefore, in order to get some motivation, you should look for other enthusiastic cyclists who might want to train with you. If your friends or relatives are not very keen to train with you, you can ask your local bike shops if they can connect you with other cyclists who are training. Training with others will not only provide you with the much-needed motivation, but will also let you know how to deal with your competitors.

Tip 4: Ride in the Rain and Wind

Due to the unpredictable nature of the weather, you do not know what it will be like on the day of

the actual event. Training in the rain, and harsh wind prepares you mentally and psychologically for any type of weather.

Tip 5: Experiment with Drinking and Eating While Riding

Being that you will be riding for long hours and miles, it will be hard for you to evade hunger and thirst. Therefore, you should carry some light drinks and foods along with you whenever you are going for a ride. You should try different types of sports drinks and foods on different training sessions so that you can be able to decide which ones are best for you. As you continue going for more extensive training, make sure that you consume a lot of carbohydrates to provide you with the much-needed energy. For the drinks make sure that you have water and some electrolytes that contain higher levels of chloride, magnesium, sodium, and potassium.

Tip 6: Take a Short Break Before the Big Ride

Finish your training a week or five days before the big ride so that you can get enough rest. As you rest, continue taking energy drinks and foods for your muscles to store enough energy to take you through the 100 miles successfully.



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